About Us

About our Village…

Wishart Christian Village is a beautiful boutique retirement Village in Wishart, Brisbane and is owned and operated by the Wishart Christian Village Association Inc.

The Association fully conforms to the Retirement Villages Act (1999), however we are a little different in how we go about taking care of our residents and in the day to day running of the Village.

Residents don’t purchase their unit, nor do they rent it, and there is no Body Corporate to be concerned about. Instead residents purchase a lifetime ‘License to Reside’ in the Village, and the Association through its Management Committee and onsite Managers takes care of the finances of the Village, the day to day running of the Village, the gardening and all of the maintenance.

About the Association…

Wishart Christian Village Association Inc. is a charitable, not for profit organization which means that it is able to keep fees low. In fact, the Association subsidizes the residents’ fees by about 1/3 so instead of paying over $150 per week, the actual cost to the resident is closer to $100 per week! And there no hidden fees or unexpected expenses.

For example, the Maintenance Reserve Fund contribution which is a requirement of the Retirement Villages Act to be paid by the resident, is covered in the weekly fees and is not an additional charge. Pest control treatments and inspections are carried out annually at the Association’s cost… not the resident’s cost.

All air conditioners, hot water services, ovens and cooktops are repaired as required, and replaced as necessary, at the cost of the Association. The Association also covers the cost of 6 monthly servicing of the air conditioning systems as well as paying all costs associated with the 24/7 medical alarm monitoring system.

Brisbane City Council rates rebates are automatically passed on to residents.

Other benefits…

When you come into the Village you are required to become a member of the Association… so not only are all residents members of the Association, but many of their family members join as well and this gives residents real peace of mind that they can have a big say in the operation and running of the Village.

And when you leave the Village the benefits continue… you receive a minimum of 70% of your ingoing contribution as well as 70% of any capital gains.

And for further peace of mind, the finances of the Village are monitored by one of the largest accounting firms in Australia.

A Christian Village

Finally of course, this is a Christian Village and it is expected that those wanting to move into the Village will be professing Christians. We live in a beautiful, boutique Village where we enjoy quiet, peaceful surroundings, good fellowship, a real sense of family between all the residents, and of course a strong Christian heritage… and we give Him the Glory!